• FVPF (Facebook Viral Posts Finder) is a windows application that can find viral content (Photos,Videos,Gifs and Articles) from facebook.

• Our application uses the Facebook Graph API to get content from a given post ID and access token, which simply catches the Facebook user ID from the post shares and searches in every one timeline for content.

• Open FVPF and click this button "Get Access Token" or visit this LINK

• You need to open your Facebook account before clicking this button or you can create a new Facebook account if you don't want to use your personal account. Now, click Okay to accept to give the given permissions.

• Now, to get the access token, you need to copy the blue part. The token will be valid forever so you don't need to do this step every time just save the token for another use.


• You will first need to choose a post and FVPF will catch the user ID from post shares and after searching for content in the Facebook user timeline. For example, I have a facebook page of dogs videos so we need a post from a dogs page. For example, I will use this page's post. Device

• Now, the blue part is the post ID that you can copy and use it in FVPF.


• You need to know that for every post share, our app will try to search in just around 35% and 40% of user ID because the privacy in the other 75% is not set to public. For example, FVPF will just only search in the 350 user timeline for a post with 1000 shares.


1: The type of content that will be scraped.
2: "Date time" for created post date and "Date Duration" for date duration between created date and current date.
3: Scrape content by keywords. It will search the submitted keyword in the title, description, page name,etc of every post (you need to separate every keyword by a comma).
4: Select the number of user content. For example, if you select 10, FVPF will try to catch the last 10 shared post in every Facebook user timeline.
5: Total found content.

• To view content, you need to double-click in one line, and all the information will be shown like this:

• If you click in one grid line, it will automatically copy the link of content to your clipboard.
• To download the images/videos, you need to click the download button.

• To export the data, you need to click on the export button. All grid rows will be saved in a csv file. (If you want order or exclude lines, you need to do it first in the grid.